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The average yield from a single Agarwood tree is approximately 4 Kgs. The current price of Agarwood is averaged at Rs. 50,000 per Kg i.e. Rs 2 Lac. We assume the yield from one Agarwood tree at Rs. 1 Lac.

There are approx. 200 Trees planted in half acre.

A plantation planted 10 Years ago in half an acre would be worth approximately Rs. 2 Crore if harvested today.

We assume that the price of Agarwood will increase minimum 3 times in next 10 Years.

The Agarwood trees will be cut after 10 years which means that the value of the plantation after 10 years would amount to Rs.6 Crores

As the revenue will be split equally between the Buyer and Rajnish Estates, the Buyer can expect to earn Rs. 3 Crores as shown below.


Investment Return Matrix
Investment Amount to purchase Half acre 25 Lakh
Expected Yield from 1 Agarwood Tree (Rs.) 1 Lakh
Number of Trees planted in half acre 200
Current Plantation Value (Rs.) 2 Crore
Assumed Price increase in 10 Years 3 Times the Current Price
Expected Price after 10 Years 6 Crore
Buyer’s Share (Rs.) 3 Crore

The revenue is directly proportional to the number of Villa plots bought by the buyer.

Unbeatable Opportunity!

  • The buyer is the rightful owner of the Villa plot which will appreciate due to its superb location.
  • The buyer can build the holiday Home at one of India’s most beautiful locations.
  • All the amenities are provided i.e. Roads, Water, Electricity, Underground Sewage, gating and
  • The villa plot is managed by Rajnish Estates ensuring zero headache for the buyers.
  • The project aims to provide the buyer a return of minimum Rupees 3 Crores by setting up a
    agarwood plantation in 10 Years.