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This project aims to setup and maintain an Indian Sandalwood, Agarwood and Rosewood plantation partly or wholly in the villa plot for a period of 20 Years at Coorg. The buyers can choose to earmark an area for their Holiday Home and permit Rajnish Estates to setup and manage the Plantation in the remaining Villa plot. The Agarwood plantation will be harvested in 10 Years, Sandalwood plantation in 15 Years and Rosewood plantation will be harvested in 20 years.

The aim is to produce high quality Indian Sandalwood (Santalum album) and Agarwood, commodities that has been traded for thousands of years, woods with strong demand and diminishing supply. These aromatic woods are internationally prized for use in religious worship, joss sticks and to extract Indian Sandalwood and Agarwood oil, an important ingredient used in fine fragrances all over the world.

The project aims to provide the buyer a return of minimum Rupees 4.5 crores by setting up a Sandalwood, Agarwood and Rosewood plantation.  The Buyer will be the rightful owner of the land and can also build a holiday home along with an unbeatable investment opportunity!

Our Plantations

We are currently managing 13 Acres of Sandalwood, Agarwood, Rosewood and coffee plantations. The Sandalwood and Rosewood Plantations are 4 year old, Agarwood plantations are 3 year old and coffee plantations are 15 – 20 year old.