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Risks and Safeguards

Om99 Estates Private Limited manages risks through good forestry practice relating to land preparation, weed control, nursery management, and pest control and fertilizer application.


ICAR – Indian Institute of Spices Research, Indian Council of Agricultural Research, Kozhikode (Calicut), Kerala, India

Om99 Agrotech Private Limited is into manufacturing Organic Plant Growth Promoters and Micronutrients which will be used in the Black Pepper Plantation. It will also provide Technological Consultancy services to ensure a High Yielding plantation.


Plantation staff is equipped with light duty fire-fighting equipment and are given training in fire prevention and firefighting.

Physical Risks

A number of other physical risks such as disease, insects and other pests can affect Plantation yields. Full-time staff will operate onsite throughout the Plantation on a regular basis and any such risks will be quickly identified and remedied or mitigated where possible.


If the Trees are wholly destroyed, the company will undertake to replant the plantation at its own cost.