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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Coorg Heights

1.What are you offering?
  • The Buyer invests in Half Acre Villa Plot for Rs. 60 Lakh.
  • The Buyer enters into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Om99 Estates permitting Om99 Estates to setup and manage the Black Pepper Plantation and share the yield.
  • The Villa Plot is registered in the buyers name by Om99 Estates.
  • Om99 Estates will earmark a part of the Villa Plot for the Holiday Home.
  • Om99 Estates will build 200 Brick Pillars. Each Brick Pillar will be 15 feet high and are 2×2 feet wide and will be GPRS marked.
  • Om99 Estates will plant the Pepper Vines around each Brick Pillar. The Pepper vines will use the Brick Pillar as a support and will take three years to grow to production stage.
  • The Pepper will be harvested yearly starting the fourth year and will generate Plantation returns.
  • The Buyer receives 50% share of the Black Pepper yield yearly from their Brick pillars after 4th Year.
  • The Buyer can sell their Holiday Home and/or Plantation anytime to interested parties.
  • The buyers can build their homes in the area earmarked themselves as per their design. The Buyers can also choose from our Holiday Home designs and can outsource the construction to us which will be according to their specifications.
2.Is the land classified as ‘Agricultural Land’ ?

No. The land is not an agricultural land but is classified as ‘Coffee Plantation Land’ which can be brought and sold by any Indian citizen.

3.Will I own the Half Acre Villa Plot Land?

You are the rightful owner of your Half Acre Villa Plot. The registration is done in the owner’s name.

4.Can you construct the Holiday Home based on our design?

Yes. We can execute the entire project on your behalf, right from construction to interiors thus eliminating the headache of undertaking the task yourself.

5.Can we customize the holiday home design chosen from your 1, 2, 3 Bedroom Holiday Home designs?

Yes. We will customize the 1, 2, 3 Bedroom Holiday Home designs according to your requirements and can also design a new holiday home according to your specifications.

6.Is it mandatory to setup a Black Pepper plantation?


7.Do you require any permission from the Government to harvest Pepper ?

There is no permission required from the Government to harvest Pepper.

8.Do I need to pay anything more for managing the Pepper Plantation?

You are required to pay a nominal charge for cleaning the site on a periodic basis.

9.What if there is damage to the plantation?

If the Trees are wholly destroyed, Om99 Estates will undertake to replant the plantation. The cost of setup,managing and maintaining the Pepper plantation is many times more than the price of the Villa Plot today. Therefore it is in Om99 Estates best interests that safeguards ensure Pepper yield on an yearly basis. Also the Buyer is the rightful owner of the Villa Plot which will appreciate manifold due to its location and will guarantee Investment protection and returns.

10.Can we resell the Villa Plot?

Yes. You can sell the Half Acre Villa plot and the Black Pepper plantation or both separately.